Path to 100

Moving Illinois to

100% Clean Electricity


Tell your legislators: Renewable energy industry, Illinois economy need you now

Using the sample letter below as a guide, tell your state Senator and Representative why the economic engine that is the renewable energy industry needs and deserves their urgent attention NOW. 

Encourage your colleagues and associates to join this effort. Together, we can stand up for our industry and all the exceptional work we're doing in Illinois.

Sample letter: 

I'm writing you today to address an urgent matter: Renewable energy in Illinois, and the economic benefits it creates, are at risk unless the General Assembly takes action now.

I’m one of more than 10,000 Illinoisans working in renewable energy. Funding for Illinois’ renewable energy program has completely run out, and our businesses are struggling. All of the incentives designed to help Illinois reach its renewable energy goals have been exhausted, and solar industry employment is already down by an estimated 3,500 jobs. Billions of dollars worth of solar projects have been derailed or delayed, when they should be creating the jobs, consumer savings and local tax revenue that Illinois needs right now. We’re in the middle of a crisis that will accelerate when incentives for residential solar run out in the coming months.

You have an opportunity to grow Illinois’ economy and prevent the collapse of small businesses all across our state by taking action. Now more than ever, Illinois needs energy policies that include strong public oversight, commitments to diversity and inclusion, and proven means of reaching the state's economic and environmental goals.

We believe that policy exists in the Path to 100 Act, and we hope you will work with Representative Will Davis and Senator Bill Cunningham to keep renewable energy growing in Illinois. Our industry and Illinois' economy are depending on it.