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Tell your state senator and representative Illinois' renewable energy industry needs their support now

Using the sample letter below as inspiration, tell your legislators why Illinois' renewable energy industry needs their help now. Enter your info, customize the letter and click submit! Your state legislators will be selected based on your address.

Sample letter: I’m a constituent writing to ask you to support renewable energy in Illinois at this critical time. 

The industry has been explaining for more than a year that the funding crisis facing the state’s Renewable Portfolio Standard is a threat to clean energy, jobs and economic growth. On December 15th, the funding for the state's renewable energy program ran out completely. Layoffs and furloughs have already begun. The renewable energy industry has already lost 3,500 jobs and will lose thousands more without immediate action.

Wind and solar businesses want to invest in Illinois, keep their workers employed and strengthen the state’s economy. To have a stable industry, we must expand and improve our renewable energy program with the Path to 100 Act (HB 2966, SB 1781). Recognizing that the coronavirus has upended the work of the Illinois General Assembly, we are requesting that the General Assembly act to keep the industry viable during this unprecedented time.

Please work with the sponsors of the Path to 100 Act, Leader Will Davis and Senator Bill Cunningham, to help power Illinois forward.

Thank you,

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