Path to 100

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100% Clean Electricity


Tell your legislators Illinois landowners want the Path to 100 Act

Using the sample letter below as inspiration, tell your legislators why they should support the Path to 100 Act. Enter your info, customize the letter and click submit! Your state legislators will be selected based on your address. 

Sample letter: I

I'm a constituent and an Illinois landowner asking you to pass the Path to 100 Act. The Path to 100 Act would ensure that Illinois renewable energy continues growing and delivering benefits to consumers, rural landowners and local governments. 

Agricultural land is a major investment for families like mine, and it’s a challenge to keep our land so that it can be passed down to future generations. Renewable energy projects offer a new source of revenue and jobs for landowners and rural communities. Leasing land for solar development allows us to produce both crops and homegrown clean energy that Illinois needs. But without legislation to expand Illinois’ renewable energy program, the solar project on my land will not be built.  

Right now, the project on my land is one of 807 shovel-ready solar projects that can’t move forward because of the limits in the state’s renewable energy program. Illinois’ renewable energy program is not large enough to meet consumer demand or our state’s statutory goals.

The Path to 100 Act would resume renewable energy's growth by expanding programs that have been proven to create jobs and clean energy. The legislation would generate more than $1 billion in landowner payments to strengthen rural Illinois while creating thousands of jobs, homegrown electricity and cleaner air. 

Please help bring these benefits to Illinois by passing the Path to 100 Act. Supporting renewable energy growth makes good economic sense and will make a huge difference to thousands of landowners like me across our state.