Path to 100

Moving Illinois to

100% Clean Electricity



Illinois' Renewable Energy Future Depends on the House of Representatives

Urge your representatives to pass energy legislation that preserves critical renewable energy policies before it's too late. 

Using the sample letter below as a guide, urge your state Representative to pass energy legislation without delay.

Sample letter: 

You have an opportunity to pass the strongest clean energy, pro-climate legislation in the country. SB18, which passed the Illinois Senate on August 31 with bipartisan support, will create the progress we need to protect consumers, fight climate change and create new jobs here in Illinois.  The renewable energy provisions in SB18 would reverse the job losses happening in the renewable energy industry now, and they would make our state the national leader in growing equitable clean energy jobs and fighting climate change.  

I urge you to act quickly to resolve any outstanding issues while preserving the critical renewable energy policies in SB18 that all parties agreed to after years of negotiations.  

Until this legislation becomes law, the Illinois renewable energy program will remain broken. Every day without a solution means $1 million meant for renewable energy is lost and more jobs and projects fall off the table.  Our state is falling further behind other Midwestern states in developing the clean energy sector. Rooftop solar installations in Illinois have fallen by more than 90% since last year, and more than 6,000 solar projects remain waitlisted and will not be built without the policies in SB18. For the thousands of families supported by renewable energy jobs in Illinois, the urgency remains very real.

You have the opportunity to deliver an energy bill that will make Illinois a model for a just transition to a clean energy economy. We must act soon to seize this opportunity.