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100% Clean Electricity



Keep Solar Growing - ask your legislators to pass Illinois' Path to 100 Act

Using the sample letter below as inspiration, tell your legislators why Illinois solar customers need the Path to 100 Act. Enter your info, customize the letter and click submit! Your state legislators will be selected based on your address. 

Sample letter: I'm a constituent asking you to pass the Path to 100 Act (SB 1781, HB 2966) during this legislative session to ensure solar energy customers like me can continue to access low-cost renewable energy here in Illinois.

I chose to install a solar array to save money and because I believe it is the right thing to do. Illinois' renewable energy program makes solar affordable and accessible for homeowners and businesses.  But without action from the General Assembly, the program will soon be at capacity.

I believe others should be able to benefit from solar energy. But state funding to support new renewable energy projects will be exhausted after this year, and the dozens of companies that have flocked to Illinois to serve customers like me may be forced to lay off workers or move on to states with more stable markets.

You have the power to stop this from happening. Passing the Path to 100 Act (SB 1781, HB 2966) will keep Illinois' renewable energy industries strong and ensure residents like me can continue enjoying the benefits of clean, affordable energy. Thank you,

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